Out of the Blue Facts: How to Make Yourself Fart?

Farting is always associated with the thought of unforgettable moments, of embarrassments and comical surprises. Of course, all of us fart but it would be unfortunate if someone finds out that you really do, isn’t it? Sad, but true.

However, there are instances that you really need to do so. How to make yourself fart? This thing called fart does not come out when we want to but if not needed, it certainly goes!

What is Farting All About?

What is Fart About?

First of all, you should know that fart is pure gas. It is the air that you swallowed and just passed your intestine before setting itself free. There are gasses too that are made in the process of breaking down food in the large intestine. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, all of these gasses has to escape in the form of fart!

So, what makes it smell so bad? Well, sulfur and ammonia found in the large intestine were mixed with the gasses as they passed, thus giving it a foul smell. Another word for a fart is flatulence. Flatus is the word used in the medical world for gas that came from the intestinal tract. So if by chance you farted, just say “Excuse me, for the flatulence”. It does not sound gross, does it?

Why are you farting? Here is a video you need to see and understand why:

To make you more understand how gas is created, see below visual chart 🙂

How to Make Yourself Fart?

How to fart upon your command? Yeah, at least you can command fart, can’t you?

How to make yourself fart?
  1. Grab a pillow. Position yourself on a soft surface like your bed.
  2. Placing your head on one side, lie on your back.
  3. Raise your bottom, closest to your as much as possible.
  4. Relax and feel that wonderful sensation like something is bloating inside your tummy. That is the air passing through your colon, who desperately wants to boom out, producing the fart that you have mostly awaited.
  5. Practice!

Prepare yourself if you want to fart in command. If you plan to fart on a special day, on someone or whatever your reason is, do this beforehand for effective farting:

  • Eat lots of rich in fiber foods- fibrous food is best in generating gas so it will intensify the amount of gas in your body thus making it easier to fart.
  • Drink in a whole lot of carbonated liquid - it is rich in carbon dioxide, therefore, prepares you to fart more.

Possible Causes of Flatulence

  • You are lactose Intolerant- it causes gastrointestinal problems like gas, bloating or diarrhea.
  • IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a recurring medical condition affecting the large intestine causing gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramping, and pain.
  • Dyspepsia- Indigestion of food.
  • Infection in your small intestine- caused by parasites called giardia.
  • Celiac Disease- gluten intolerance is always associated with flatulence.
  • Intake of antibiotics- it sends distress to normal bacterial flora in the bowel leading to flatulence.
  • Gastroenteritis- stomach infection builds up a lot of gasses.

Flatulence: Its Pros and Cons


  • It is harmless and is good for your body. It is essential in your normal metabolic function.
  • Is a sign that you are on a healthy diet.
  • Means your digestive system is functioning well.
  • It helps with bloating.
  • It gives you relief!
  • Good for your colon health.


  • It may lead you to the medical conditions that cause as mentioned above.
  • Your body bomb does not really smell like Victoria Secret perfume, does it?

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Flatulence

There was a saying, “What we are, what we eat.” Our stomach is usually where our illness starts. There is an immense effect on our health all the food that we choose to eat.

Out of the Blue Facts

  • You generate 2-3 pints a day of gas.
  • You pass gas for an average of 14 times a day.
  • Food rich in carbohydrates is the most that can generate gas.
  • Rice is the only starch that does not produce gas.
  • Fart speed is 10 feet per second. It reaches your nostrils in about 15 seconds, giving enough time for the culprit to stay away and deny!
  • Farts are flammable.


  • Do not eat too much bean, fried food, and onions. They create a huge amount of gas when they are being digested.
  • Make sure to have regular trips to the bathroom.
  • The best place to pass the wind is in the bathroom, or somewhere out there far!
  • Exercise/Yoga Postures.
  • Farting Etiquette:
  • You can’t help it, it happened! Say the magic words, “Excuse Me”, politely.
  • You can still hold it, so go far from the dinner table as possible.
  • If someone farted, forget about it! It did not happen.
  • If your partner farted, “Welcome the smell, it is the person who loves you” 🙂

How was the article? Did you follow? Now you completely understand how flatulence works, how to control them, and how to make remedies to cure them. By any chance you ever have a natural accident, remember our tips, this article and how it changed the way you think about farting. I bet you are going to share this with everyone!

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