Can You Juice a Banana?

It’s sad to say that even though how much you like to try to juice a banana, it won’t work. It will end up clogging your juicer or simply turns out to be a mushy mass in there. Some fruits are good for juicing and some are just great to be left alone.

Can you juice a banana? Nope, this time, let’s just make bananas an exception.

Bananas and Juicing

Bananas have its own composition. Sadly, it is so rich with Potassium but it does not have enough water thus making it impossible for juicing. It is simply one of those fruits like avocados that are certainly dry.

It has its own unique role when it comes to cool drinks or juice. Since it is naturally sweet, you can blend it with almost everything. Banana is popular as an alternative sweetener making bitter smoothie or juice mixture taste delicious. Not only that, but it also gives your drink a creamy and smooth texture.

Banana slices can be a natural alternative sweetener that will just make your juice greater.

Banana slices can be a natural alternative sweetener that will just make your juice greater.

With this fact, bananas are popular to mix with other fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, that means, you juice your favorite fruit first, then mix the juice and banana together using a blender. I assure you, it works great wonder.

On the other hand, since we can’t juice a banana alone, I came across an article that found a way on how to juice a banana. Have you heard about amylase?

Amylase is a natural enzyme that breakdowns starch into sugar then transforms it into glucose. This enriches the banana’s hearty sweetness. Let us find out how to make banana juice using amylase.

Making Banana Juice Using Amylase

I am surprised to learn that finally, we can juice a banana. This process is boasting a clear liquid that was extracted from the banana itself. In this method, it yields a liter of banana juice.

It is a little bit longer than the natural juicing process but this is the best we can do for now just to taste the banana juice.

A full jug of banana juice made by using amylase.

A full jug of banana juice made by using amylase.

  • This banana juice recipe needs two kilos of bananas. Peel and then proceed to make a puree out of it. After making the puree, place it inside plastic bags. Push the bags gently to let all the air out.
  • Pour the puree into a pot of water and let it stay for five hours at 66 degrees C. Within those hours, amylase will start to work and break down the starch and release the liquid.
  • When the liquid is ready, strain it using a nut bag. Squash, massage the juice through the bag. Then you will have the fresh banana juice.

The outcome is a bright, sweet nectar that captures the regular essence of the banana minus any of its chalky consistency. So, how’s that, huh?

You can’t make banana juice like the usual way we juice others. Yet, we can’t ignore that it is great with smoothies, shakes and mixed with other juice. At least we have alternatives on how to enjoy bananas and reap its nutrients.

Speaking of nutrients, bananas are rich in vitamins B and C. Because of this, it improves our immune system. It has a high level of fiber, magnesium, and potassium. This encourages calcium absorption and the making of insulin.

Banana and its health benefits.

Banana and its health benefits.

Are you going to try making the banana juice with amylase, or choose to blend it with other fruits? Bananas are excellent when mixed with other ingredients. You can try out your favorite fruits and blend it with bananas. Smoothies will be one good idea to make.

Here is an example of enjoying banana juice with another fruit. We call it Bapple juice since it is combined with apples. Instead of a juicer, you need a blender. Simply blend in the chunks of apple and frozen banana slices and you will have your bapple juice. Try this method with other fruits and tell me the results!


Can you juice a banana? No, you can’t when alone. But, with the use of other ingredients, it turns out to be amazing. I am glad I learned how to juice a banana using amylase. It is a great alternative to the natural juicing procedure.

Although one advantage of juicing is to make us reap the nutrients of fruits and vegetables we don’t like to eat, I am pretty sure bananas does not belong to that category. Bananas are well loved by majority.

Heads up to all banana fanatics out there! If you think this article have been useful to you, hit like and share to your friends!


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