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How to Cook Frozen Tamales in Several Ways?

Tamales is a starchy, corn-based dough. It is usually mixed with seasoned ground beans or meat. It is being rolled and wrapped in banana leaf or corn husk while steaming. You can freeze it after for future use. How to cook frozen Tamales? It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3! CONTENT First Method: Cooking Frozen […]

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Out of the Blue Facts: How to Make Yourself Fart?

Farting is always associated with the thought of unforgettable moments, of embarrassments and comical surprises. Of course, all of us fart but it would be unfortunate if someone finds out that you really do, isn’t it? Sad, but true. However, there are instances that you really need to do so. How to make yourself fart? […]

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How to Use Peppermint Oil for Sore Throat?

Home remedies, anyone? Living away from the city does not give you easy access to medicine. Usually, you are exposed to herbs as home remedies for common ailments. It sometimes comes as a surprise when you discover that a familiar plant that you usually see around the corner is useful for coughs, colds and some […]

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How to Make Prune Juice Taste Better?

“Gulp, this taste so bitter!” When you are trying to live healthily, you will do whatever it takes to eat and drink the healthiest food available within your reach. One that is trending nowadays is juicing. With the magic of juicers, the food that you can juice suddenly increased in terms of choices. You are […]

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How to Make Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressed juice mainly refers to those special processed juices where juice is extracted from vegetables and fruits through a hydraulic press instead of using other methods like auger, centrifugal or single.This high pressure processing – HPP method also helps to keep the juice fresh for another one month or so. There are various factors […]

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How to Prepare Healthy Recipes for Parties

The idea of healthy eating during parties may not sound splendid, but at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather keep your good health? As a matter of fact, each time you eat junk food, you get closer to developing lifestyle conditions like diabetes and hypertension. On the other hand, sticking to healthy meals […]

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